I have lived the American Dream, from a trailer park to an Ivy League law degree.

Everyone’s half right and everyone’s simultaneously half wrong, and nobody is having a real conversation about what’s actually going on.

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The manifestation of genius across time is consistent

My list of heretics that would have been burned at the stake in the 16th century and suffer a similar fate today.

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If you don’t bring the ‘knife’ of critical thinking to a Clubhouse conversation (aka Room), stay away.

As evidence of the conversation/Room’s value, I gained 23 new followers who are in turn followed by > 45,000 Clubhouse members.

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I’ve learned:

I gained 23 new ‘followers who are in turn followed by > 45,000 Clubhouse members discussing this topic.

Identifying three prior phase-shifts to new epistemologies (new eras) and our current shift, driven by our adoption of digital technology.

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The most underreported story of 2020.

The ongoing drug overdose epidemic (mainly driven by opioids) has as big if not bigger impact on the USA than COVID-19 deaths as calculated in Years of Life Lost (YLL), a measure of premature mortality.

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Humans have a vast number of biases and heuristics we use to make decisions (often systemically WRONG decisions).

AI-driven algorithms are used to demonstrate system noise, i.e., unwanted variability. This NOISE is associated with errors and can be intra-personal and inter-personal.

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Ethics in AI

“Then came an unsettling encounter with the apparent source of that demand: a Capitol police officer who she said looked at her with “a tremendous amount of anger and hostility.” she recalled, thinking “that I was going to die.”

I can hold in my mind an acknowledgment that this fear is perfectly understandable even though it is not factually justified. My hope is that AOC may move beyond her victimhood to become a survivor (as many of the crime-impacted — victims and perpetrators).

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The most underreported story in our Capitol’s ‘day of infamy,’ is the actions of DC’s Mayor Bowser that allowed the mayhem to occur.

As both a political conservative and a conscientious person, I am horrified by the take-over of the capitol building for four hours on January 6, 2021.

To create in any form takes courage, I have found mine through the chrysalis of prison.

I refuse to know for certain what others take for granted.

By Omid Mokri, 2019 (charcoal on cloth)

Wayne Boatwright

Father, attorney, essayist, thinker, and active manager who found the courage to create through the chrysalis of San Quentin prison.

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